Introduction & Usecase

In this 3 hour meeting with your management team, we present the different phases and deliverables of our methodology with examples and a demo.

OUTPUT: Agile Business Architecture Methodology

3 hours

Analysis & Design

In this 2 day workshop with key stakeholders, we audit and document core processes related to the identified business need

OUTPUT: ROI Estimate (PVI)

3 hours

Software Application

In this 1 month engagement, we develop your SmartWay Application in an Agile manner.Based on your unique situation.

OUTPUT: SmartWay Application

3 hours

Training & On going

When the application is ready, we will train your employees to get the maximum out of the application and we’ll provide support just when you need it.

OUTPUT: Happy customer

3 hours


BPM Consulting

Long- and short running engagements, related to process improvements.

Process Architecture Design

Designing your operating model within an agile business architecture.


Modeling the behavior of your organization based on open standards. BPMN - DMN - CMMN

Agility Hacking

Removing obstacles that stop you from reaching your full potential.

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